Debra Kay Guess

Debra Kay Guess uses acrylic paint on canvas to explore unplanned harmonies of color and form – much like those in nature that lie just under the surface of our awareness.  Pigments and markings and spontaneity dictate, evolving into a combination of the organic and the imaginary; where shapes, strokes, and color come together to reveal a sense of time and place both familiar and open to interpretation.

  With a BA in Communications, a Minor in Art, and more than 30 years in marketing, sales and desk jobs, Debra originally pursued painting as a creative calling outside the confines of the 8-to-5 routine.  Largely self-taught in the abstract genre, she’s found particular inspiration in the intuitive, expressionist work of Krista Harris, Rick Stevens and Jonas Gerard.

Now retired, Debra paints full-time in her home studio in rural Shelby County, Kentucky, surrounded by her other primary inspiration:  the random beauty of the countryside.