Leslie Lehr Daly is a sculptor currently living in Loveland, Ohio (a Cincinnati suburb) after years of  living in New Jersey, Georgia, South Carolina, South Africa, back to South Carolina and finally Ohio.  With a BFA in Design from the University of Georgia, Leslie worked for design and architectural firms in South Carolina before marrying and starting a family.

As her children grew older, Leslie looked for new ways to express her creative spirit. Beginning with concrete, she cast organic forms into bird baths which sold locally and retailed nationally.  Looking to expand her knowledge base, Leslie took an Introduction to Steel Sculpture class at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and was hooked!  Three years later, her instructor asked if she'd be interested in sharing studio space at the new Brazee Street Studios in Oakley, where she worked and maintained studio space for three years. While at Brazee, Leslie began her love affair with glass casting through various processes and began to incorporate  cast glass into her steel work, providing additional texture, transparencyand color into her work.

Two years ago Leslie moved her studio back home and took  over the garage for her studio space. She loves working outside, taking breaks to smell the roses, hanging out with Buddy the Wonder Dog,  and working on her tan in between welds. While ideal for now, one day, she'd love to have a barn style building with rolling garage doors to roll out large scale pieces, a fire place for ambience and heat in the winter, and an outdoor shower stall for rinsing away the metal dust and grunge of the day.

She continues to dream and hopes she never runs out of ideas....