Nura Mascarenas

"My process in painting is “feeling” into color one fragrance of color harmonizing and complimenting another. Colors feel like a field of busting flowers in aromatic yellows, oranges, reds and saffron or the aroma of a Pine forest in shades of green.

Each painting is a story and lived experience from the past or present, from feelings of elations to the quieter moments to shades of gray.  When I paint I feel the tempo, my hand glides across the canvas, which starts to flow like poetry. The painting gracefully unfolds revealing its mystery with each brush stroke of color, layer upon layer like each line in a poem. Finally, I’ll feel a cacophonic symphony a finished painting in many warms, cools, light and shadow before me, the story, a feeling, a completed poem through color. Painting is an intuitive process, surrendering to the graceful flow, weaving a tapestry of many threads of color from my inner world.

I have worked in many mediums but I enjoy painting in oils the best. I have also worked on many different surfaces my favorites are Belgium Linens, Inner Glow panels and Arches oilpaper.

I am inspired by everything around me, from the greatest works of art, to the simplest line drawings; nature is by far my biggest influence from any mountain range with there endless patterns, to ripples of water on the sandy beach, and everything in between."