Sanderson Orr

Sandy started painting in 1996 with the late Roland Huston (a mentee of Chidlaw) for ten years. She has been painting with Greg Storer ever since. Sandy’s works are oil on canvas (palette knives). She concentrates on impressionistic styles with lots of bright color and texture . She paints what she loves ; places -Michigan, Ohio, Italy, France -mostly landscapes and cities and barns in those places. She likes to paint what she calls “happy paintings”. Painting should be fun! That is her general theme of her paintings and her life. Sandy started painting in 1996 with the late Roland Huston, a mentee of Paul Chidlaw. Her concentration is on impressionistic styles with the use of bright color and texture. She works in oil, using palette knives to obtain her painting’s unique surface. Orr paints what she loves, focusing on landscapes, cities and barns in her favorite places around the Midwest and Europe. “Painting should be fun!”- that is the general theme of her work and her life.